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Boyle Heights Advisory Council Summer Newsletter

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Community Needs Assessment

The Boyle Heights Project conducted a community needs assessment to determine prevalence of interpersonal/teen relationship violence and sexual assault against Boyle Heights women and identify strengths and gaps in knowledge, access and services/response. To begin the process of the community needs assessment we conducted research and reviewed literature with theories about violence against women. We identified six themes and created questions. Themes include:

  • Domestic Violence in Boyle Heights;
  • How are organizations in Boyle Heights addressing violence against women;
  • Factors that prevent a person from reporting; and
  • Community awareness and mobilization.

Promotoras Working in Boyle Heights

Hortencia Boyle HeightsThe project was able to build awareness on violence against women and girls in Boyle Heights with the support from Promotoras. The project identified three Promotoras who are residents of Boyle Heights and have taken the necessary training to provide education to women. Promotoras provide and effective culturally grounded 1-hour presentation to parent groups at schools, community centers, women in the neighborhood, health clinics and other non-profit organizations.

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Advisory Council

The project convened an advisory council in June 2013 of residents, stakeholders, and youth who reviewed the community assessments findings about the strengths and gaps in Boyle Heights in regard to violence against women and girls. For the first phase of the project we worked on building relationships and identifying who will take part of the advisory council. We created an application process for those individuals interested in taking part of the advisory council.

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Policy Report

This policy report documents the needs assessment conducted to determine the prevalence of domestic violence and sexual assault against women living in Boyle Heights and identifies knowledge, access, and responses to these issues. Furthermore, this paper intent is to give a better understanding of Boyle Heights community members’ perceptions regarding the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault in order to develop effective, culturally sensitive, and community focused programs and responses. 

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